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Cissia Noble
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PostSubject: THE RACES OF THE LAND   THE RACES OF THE LAND EmptyFri Nov 01, 2013 1:09 am

Regalis: Regalis are both men and women. This race is commonly blonde haired (sometimes black haired), with blue, green or violet eyes. Currently, the only one with violet eyes is Queen Cissia. The violet eyes are a royal trait, so if someone wished to play a Regalis with violet eyes, they would need to talk to Cissia and plot it out. A Pureblood Regalis must drink blood every full moon. Most will keep slaves (or willing feeders) to feed from, though couples like Cissia and Arianne, will feed off of each other. If a Regalis does not feed, it will not live as long as it can - it will become weakened. Regalis' are allergic to one thing, mainly, though each Regalis may have additional allergies, but the one thing that all Regalis' are allergic to is jasmine. For this fact, the Queen has banned the scent from the lands.

Half-Regalis: Half-Regalis are both men and women, though males are more common than women. This race is half-human and half-Regalis. This race cannot have violet eyes; ever. They can have any color of hair, but their eyes are limited to brown and hazel. Their eyes can be what give them away to the Queen. Half-Regalis' are hated by the Pureblood Queen, who would rather slaughter all halflings then let them live. She is ashamed that these exist within her bloodline. Half-Regalis' may only be created by the mixing of a Regalis and a human. They may not be created through any other breeding of a Regalis. Half-Regalis' are not allergic to jasmine as bad as a Pure Regalis. Half-Regalis' cannot breed with other Half-Regalis'. They can breed with humans or Pure Regalis'.

All Regalis', Pure and Half, have the abilities to...
Seduction: This is much like compulsion, though it is a female trait. This trait allows the female to get what she wishes from what race she interacts with. This takes some time to RP so that it may be used properly, and may require a TINY BIT of godmodding, though, Ari will hunt you down on behalf of her Queen if you who use this in such a manner that it can be considered godmod, do not ask the person you wish to use this on. If said person agrees, said person MUST, MUST, MUST put in the bottom of their reply to said post, that they gave permission. WE WILL BE CHECKING.
Telekinesis: This is weaker in Half-Regalis' (most of them, anyway).


Vorsipellis: Vorsipellis creatures are born, though powerful individuals can learn slight traits, such as manipulating hair and eye color. Those with this trait are usually born out of nowhere- their parents and grandparents do not display such. It is known that this is the result of an extra gene, which often changes Regalis' into new things. Because of this, they are often cast aside. The major traits of a Vorsipellis is their ability to change their appearance to their will. These are even less common than Regalis.

Those born as vorsipellis' (vorsipelli? vorsipellum?) qualities are often known to be shown at birth, with multiple hair and eye colors marking the person. During their youth, they are able to change considerably, though only the basics such as facial features. Fully grown can manipulate their entire body structure, to an extent. They cannot change into animals. Finally, they are fully HUMAN, and cannot be mixed into another breed. Their life span is the same as an average mortals, with no exceptions.

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