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 Sweet as Sugar

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Damien Etoile

Damien Etoile

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PostSubject: Sweet as Sugar   Sweet as Sugar EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 8:01 pm


His fingers curled around the pristinely shined doorknob, and the turning motion rippling throughout his lanky body, displaying a rather prominent tattoo of stars which danced across his forearm. There was no meaning to this artwork, save for the mythical nature of the heavens above, which he took great pride in being able to name.

The dots which were on his arm gleamed upwards towards the starry sky as his body pushed through the shop, every now and then exchanging a silent nod with one he considered to be a rather reliable recourse. None seemed to respond with anything, out of both fear and obvious distaste for his rather inane lifestyle. But that bothered Damien little.

Hands danced here and there, occasionally dipping into a candy container, removing a little piece for examination. For once, he was there for a goal. Instead of dancing around, doing his work among the sweet-scented candies, the young man was keen on speaking to any of the owners about his standing in the school. For all he knew, sixth year was going to bring less challenges, and more focus on the future. After all, they had exams.

But that was a year away. Now, he was ready to enter his fifth year, and was desiring career advice. Making his way to the counter, the young man ran a hand through his locks, crinkling his nose.
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Sweet as Sugar
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