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Cissia Noble
Cissia Noble

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PostSubject: Application   Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:26 pm

[b]Physical Age:[/b] [i]Only for Regalis.[/i]
[b]Actual Age:[/b]
[b]Race:[/b] [i]One of the three we listed.[/i]
[b]Blood Purity:[/b] [i]Pureblood, Halfblood, Embraced(like mudblood)[/i]

[b]Personality:[/b][i] 300 words at least.[/i]
[b]History:[/b] [i]The more words you have the higher year you can be placed within. 300 in minimum.[/i]

[b]School House:[/b] [i]Regalium, Albastorm, Malos[/i]
[b]School Year:[/b] [i]1 - 7. Only for child characters.[/i]

[b]Spouse:[/b] [i]18+[/i]
[b]Parents:[/b] [i]Names. NPC or Played.[/i]
[b]Siblings:[/b] [i]NPC or Played.[/i]


Physical Age: Only for Regalis.
Actual Age:
Race: One of the three we listed.
Blood Purity: Pureblood, Halfblood, Embraced(like mudblood)

Personality: 300 words at least.
History: The more words you have the higher year you can be placed within. 300 in minimum.

School House: Regalium, Albastorm, Malos
School Year: 1 - 7. Only for child characters.

Spouse: 18+
Parents: Names. NPC or Played.
Siblings: NPC or Played.

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