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 Canon Characters

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Arianne Noble

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PostSubject: Canon Characters   Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:32 am


Cissia Dromexa Noble: Queen, a pureblood Regalis with a nasty history. Rather crazy. Taken.

Arianne Marie Regal-Noble: 'Duchess' by nickname, Headmistress of Schola Reginam. Taken.

Traxton Dante Noble: Cissia and Bastian's son, twin to Yvionne. Teacher, and possible Rebellous. Taken.

Bastian Regal: Arianne's elder brother, Cissia's tormentor and father to her children. Pure Regalis.

Rushka Noble: Cissia's youngest daughter. Pure Regalis.

Domintri Noble: Cissia's youngest son. Pure Regalis.

Marquis de Regal: Arianne and Bastian's Mother, exiled for attempted murder of her niece, Cissia. Head of Rebellous. Half-Regalis.

Tridena Laurent: Ruler of Italy. Allied to Cissia. Human.

Richard Laurent: Tridena's husband. Against Cissia. Human.

Keller Roland: Rebellous. Hatred toward Cissia. Human.

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Canon Characters
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