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Cissia Noble
Cissia Noble

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PostSubject: History; The Site   History; The Site EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 11:59 pm

One day, a dark night, a young girl was found upon the steps of the Queen - Dorian Regal. The Queen of London (NOT of England) took the child in and raised her to be a Princess. Seventeen years later, Dorian Regal died, and left her adoptive daughter for the throne. The Queen's natural child, Marquis de Regal, was angered by the fact that her adopted sibling got the throne and she did not.

Marquis was banished from London after she tried to kill her sister, on the day of her wedding. The new Queen, Alexandra, married a Noble - who she was unknowingly related to by blood. The Nobles were a family from Italy, they ruled there - and Alexandra's marriage to Emmett Noble sealed an alliance with the ruling family of Italy.

Marquis was a human, until she turned thirty-two. She was jealous of her adopted sister and her brother-in-law; they did not age. Why? The two were a race called Regalis, they were much like the lored Vampires that one would hear about in other lands, but they did not need blood to survive - they needed it to stay young. Marquis found a way to make herself a Regalis; though her transformation was only half-way, she was not as pure as her sister and brother-in-law, but she did not age any longer.

That was the year 1279.

It was three-hundred years before Emmett and Alexandra had a child. This child was born in 1509. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father raised her - with an iron hand. He hated how much of his late wife he saw in this child, who he named Cissia.

In the year 1834, Cissia took the throne - her father had been murdered by Marquis, who was now angered that the throne went to her niece and not to her. From that moment on, she promised to lead a Rebellion, that would get Cissia killed - or at least, take her power away.

One late night, in December of 1855, Cissia's palace was burned to the ground, and Cissia was hung from the nearest tree. She did not die, however, for the Loyalists came to her aid. The Rebellous had been around for quite some time before they attacked Cissia.

Cissia went missing until 1932, whereupon she was found in the midst of the ballroom floor. Cissia Noble had been kept in captivity by the Marquis. Tortured, abused, mentally, physically, sexually. She hated herself. With Cissia, was a young set of children - Traxton and Yvionne Noble.

The Marquis had kept one of Cissia's cousin's, another Noble, with her in her cell - and this was the man who had abused her sexually. The children that were with her were ten years old, and Cissia was pregnant with another. She had run away - to the new palace, where the throne was empty, awaiting their Queen they were.

Cissia was restored to the throne in 1943, her children were accepted as the Children of the Crown, by the people. The Rebellous went back into hiding. Cissia's abuser - Bastian Noble, met with her again, at a wedding.

A lovely girl named Arianne had waltzed her way into Cissia's life, and she and Cissia were to be married. They were married on a Wednesday, in June, in the year 1955. Cissia was pregnant with her fourth child now, Bastian's child - all her children were her wife's brother's.

Domintri was born at the end of the third month of the year 1956, and Cissia went back to her reckless ways with her loving wife.

The last child did not come until after the school was built - the year was 2504, and Cissia had just commissioned to create a school to teach those who wished to be taught. Rushka was born right after the school was finished, in October.

Five years have passed since then, and Cissia still keeps an eye out for Marquis de Regal; afraid that the woman will destroy her kingdom, the home she worked so hard to make for her children.

Are you a loyalist? Do you love your Queen?

Or are you a Rebellous? Do you want her thrown from the throne, killed?

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History; The Site
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