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 FAQ, Ari-Style

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FAQ, Ari-Style Empty
PostSubject: FAQ, Ari-Style   FAQ, Ari-Style EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 8:45 pm


AKA, Things Your Mothers Should Have Told You, But Did Not.

1. When do you get to Second Year?
You don't. You're stuck as a slimy speckly git for-evah. But really. The game months are three to a real month, and unless you are magical enough to be bumped up mid-year, you're the same until Cissy or I say otherwise.

2. How do I get sorted?
You wait until Ari gets out her magical-mixing supplies to make n00b-stew.
That was another joke. You have to wait until after you post your character card; from that point, staff will choose you to be in their house.

3. I don't like my house.
Well... Tough. We work hard to place you, and if you think you're too good for a house, I dare you to tell the Head. Really. I do.

4. Why are there so many topics???
Why aren't there? I mean, wouldn't you get bored otherwise? There are plenty of places for you to be!

5. I can't find...
Make sure to PM an admin if you are lost or confused. One of us will be glad (or forced to) help.

6. I'm bored with my character. Can I kill them off?
Yes. Also, there is no limit to how many alts you may have. Cissy is currently working on linking them.

7. What's going on with...
Okay, we admit it. I, Admin Ari, cannot work technical things. That's Cissy's job. Trax and I aren't really sure how to do most things, though Trax usually can. If you can't figure out something technical, PM someone. If it's a plot thing, PM Cissy and Ari. School? Ari. Character? Trax. General confusion? Please seek out psychological help.

8. Locked Forums?
Some of us have dirty minds (*cough* My sonphew *cough*). Therefore, we have closed-off RPs. Contact an Admin regarding those.

9. And, finally, ENJOY.

This spectacular thing was brought to you by Admin-freaking-Ari.
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FAQ, Ari-Style
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