London in the Dark

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 Rebellious Might

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Cissia Noble
Cissia Noble

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PostSubject: Rebellious Might   Rebellious Might EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 7:01 pm

It was the year 1545, when Cissia Noble took her mother's place on the throne of England. Her mother, who had died at the age of seven-hundred-and-forty-two, made Cissia swear not to let her siblings get the throne. As per her promise to her mother, Cissia took the throne and killed her siblings.

Word reached Cissia's aunt, Marquis de Regal. Marquis was running around the Americas at the time her niece took the throne, and she did not approve of her sister's choice. Marquis wanted the throne - she believed it should be hers.

Two-hundred years into taking the throne, Cissia opened her own school, and at the same time, the first attack from her aunt arrived. Marquis sent henchmen, and followers, a group of creatures that Cissia dubbed The Rebellous, tried to hang her.

Cissia was the purest Regalis ever; and so, when she was captured and scheduled to be hung, those few who still followed their Queen's old ways, came to her aid.

Now the Loyalist fight to keep their Queen safe, and the Rebellous fight to take her down - at the head of the Rebellous is the Queen's own aunt, Marquis de Regal. What side will you join?
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Rebellious Might
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