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 Ballet Lesson Plans

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Arianne Noble

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PostSubject: Ballet Lesson Plans   Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:29 pm


Year One:
- Learn Positions
- Begin Vocabulary
- Everything Facing Barre
- Simple Position With Teacher ON Stage

Year Two:
- Across the Floor Becomes Difficult
- Preparation for Turns
- Chaines turns
- Dance Without Teacher

Year Three:
- Single Pirouettes
- Pique Turns
- One Hand on Barre
- Turns from Fifth

Year Four:
- Double Pirouettes
- Inside Turns
- Inside Piques/Lame Ducks
- Pointe Shoes for Girls
- Partnering for Males

Year Five:
- Complicated Jump Sequences
- Triple Pirouettes
- Double Inside
- Grand Pirouettes
- Fouette Turns
- Variations

Year Six:
- Triple Pirouettes With Balance at End
- Beating Jumps
- Variation as Exam

Year Seven:
- Perfection. 'Nuff Said.
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Ballet Lesson Plans
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