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 Magical Theory Lesson Plans

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Magical Theory Lesson Plans Empty
PostSubject: Magical Theory Lesson Plans   Magical Theory Lesson Plans EmptyFri Nov 01, 2013 5:03 pm

Magical Theory

This is the equivalent to History of Magic and Transfigurtion.
It's a lot faster-paced, however.

Year One:
- Beginning of Theory Exploration.
- Matchsticks to Needles.
- Trees from Seeds.
- Essay.

Year Two:
- History of Magic Year.
- Goblin Rebellions, History of School.
- Seeds into Trees.
- Portkey History.

Year Three:
- Examine Prototypes for Multi-Purpose Portkeys.
- Essay on Multi-Purpose Portkeys.
- Tea Cup into Rat.
- Animal Transformations.

Year Four:
- Delving into Species.
- Cross-Species Transfiguration.
- Dog to Cat.
- Creating Portkeys.
- Studying Neutral Runes.

Year Five:
- Vanishing Spell.
- Creating Spells.
- Theory; May NOT be hexes, curses, or charms.
- Opera Glasses to Owls.
- Lecture on Exams.

Year Six:
- Exams.
- Preparing a prototype for Multi-Purpose Portkeys.
- Demons and other Myths.
- Desk to Pig.

Year Seven:
- Manipulating Spells to Will.
- Nonverbal Magic.
- Theory Review.
- Dragon to Snuffbox.
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Magical Theory Lesson Plans
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