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 Suggestions for Characters

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Cissia Noble
Cissia Noble

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Suggestions for Characters Empty
PostSubject: Suggestions for Characters   Suggestions for Characters EmptyThu Oct 31, 2013 11:22 pm


Yes, suggestions. You read the title correctly.

So, here we go!

Please remember that, when you begin, unless PMed otherwise, you will start as a first-year. Because of this, recall what failures they are at magic. Sure, you can have strengths, but how could a firsty cast a corporeal patronus?


Because of this, it is wise for you to make sure that you make mistakes, though they can be subtle. When you learned a new lesson, did you instantly get it? Probably not; even Hermione was wrong, sometimes. Thus, we must fail.

This is not a ridiculous request. This is something that we expect to be fulfilled. In other words, if you follow the rules, you just might be moved, pretty quickly.

Please, keep in mind, if you have a human, and you want them to have some sort of special ability, which will be listed in a thread sooner of later, please, PM Cissia or Arianne. If you have any other sorts of races that you want to have special abilities or higher powers, please, let us know.

Admins may edit this to their will.
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Suggestions for Characters
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