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 Technomancy Lesson Plans

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Technomancy Lesson Plans Empty
PostSubject: Technomancy Lesson Plans   Technomancy Lesson Plans EmptyFri Nov 01, 2013 3:52 pm


Year One Expectations:
- Must be able to fully explain definitions
- Guidelines and Theories

Year Two Expectations:
- Beginning of Theories (Can objects be made into food? Unplottable places?)
- Unplottable places, and spells to do such.
- Making bubbles of unchartable things.

Year Three Expectations:
- Master charms with unplottable places.
- Begin exploration of animated objects and free will.

Year Four Expectations:
- Paintings by others (Can they be destroyed?)
- Paintings by teacher (Can they be destroyed?)
- Moving Portraits versus paintings.

Year Five Expectations:
- Muggle objects versus animated objects.
- Creating moving portraits.
- Destroying said portraits.

Year Six Expectations:
- Romote-Physio Apparation.
   - Theories of projected images.
- Practice some RPA (being able to display image elsewhere).
- Exams.

Year Seven Expectations:
- Phoenix Fire
  - Apparation using flames.
- Food versus inanimate objects.
  - Creating food out of books, explaining difference.
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Technomancy Lesson Plans
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